The Good, The Bad, WTF 2016

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When asked about my worst travel experiences, I find it a very hard question to answer. Because I love traveling so much, I tend to reimagine negative experiences as blimps on the landscape photo of my travel. Adventurous Kate, one of my favourite bloggers does lists at the end of each year, so I decided to try and come up with one. And since it is Friday, I will keep it at 5 in honour of the Friday 5ive theme.

I named my list The Good, The Bad, The WTF of 2016! I thought that was catchy.So here we go. I will start with the Bad first just to get it out of the way and once again, because I don’t remember my experiences as negative, I struggled a little with coming up with just 2 examples. I struggled with the Good as well because, for the most part, I find all my travel to be good so I had to do some narrowing down. Alright, here we go!

The Bad 1: Getting stuck in Havana. After reading my ETA as my ETD, I arrived at the Jose Marti International Airport 2 hours after my plane had departed! There was no internet. I had no money. I was essentially stuck in the middle of nowhere with little idea how to make it out. Somehow, 2 Angels aka Gate agents offered use of their computers so that I could rebook my flight for the next morning. I spent the night on a cold Havana floor, hungry but knowing that the adventure would continue the next morning.

The Bad 2: Race relations in Punta Cana. This one is a little hard to explain because overall the trip was great. You know what? My sister said it best. Read about it here.

The Good 1: Tunisia. One of my goals for 2016 was to conquer more of the African continent. At the start of the year, I had only visited 2 or 3 countries… I think. So, I was determined to do better in 2016. Visiting Tunisia was like a dream come true. A lot of reviews I read prior to my arrival in Tunis tried to deter me from going but I am glad I went. It is an amazing country!

The Good 2: Southern Africa. As mentioned above, the African continent was high on my to-do list, and so after surviving the 15-hour flight to South Africa, I was determined to see as much as I could while down there. I ended up visiting Zimbabwe and Zambia as well. One word: Epic!

WTF: I traveled to Medellin with a group of friends and on our first day, we decided to rent ATVs and explore the countryside. During the course of the guide led ride, one of my friends went over the edge of the cliff. It should have been sudden death but he survived and we all pitched in to get the ATV back onto solid ground. The ATV seemed to be in decent shape and was ridden back to the rental office. However, they decided to charge him over $500 for repairs on the vehicle. We did no safety checks prior to heading out so we had no idea what the initial condition was. It was definitely a WTF moment.

I admit this is not the most concise list but hey, this will hopefully be the first of more to come and I’ll do better next year. I have no idea what 2017 holds for me travel wise. It is going to be different I know, but I am always ready for the adventure!