Friday 5ive: Travel Apps

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About a week ago, my sister suggested I start doing a Friday 5ive: a top five list of my recommendations. When we had the conversation, I told her I loved the idea and I had the perfect article for it! All week, I have rested, well assured my article was already written. Today, I go to pull up the article and would you know, I had not finished it!

It’s been about 30 minutes and I think the shock and disappointment are pretty much done. So, I have decided to create a spur of the moment Friday 5ive: My Top Five Travel Apps! This shouldn’t be too hard given that I travel a lot and they are my top five. Right? Let’s go!

  1. Trip Advisor: If TA says don’t go there, you bet your fanny I am not going anywhere near it. I run all my lodging past Trip Advisor before I book it. I will probably take TA’s side before I trust a first-hand opinion. Of course, there is an art to using the site. Quantity – I like it when the place being reviewed has lots of reviews. Quality – I don’t believe a review that just says “They suck” or “They are awesome”, there has to be some substance behind the review. Comparison – I compare the best and the worst. Some people are extremely picky and others are too easy to please. I try to find the middle ground.
  2. Priceline: I have been using Priceline since college when I was determined to spend all my free time in London. My favourite thing about Priceline is the “name your own price” feature. When I started using it, as long as you were not too crazy with your bid, you were almost guaranteed acceptance. These days, there seems to be a cap which is not so fun. Nonetheless, for flights, it’s great if you have the flexibility and sense of adventure and it is always great for car rentals.
  3. Costco Travel: If you have a Costco card, there is a hidden gem therein in the form of Costco Travel. I have only used this for car rentals but have gotten incredible deals. 3 days +full-size vehicle + an upgrade = $27. Can you beat that?!?!
  4. Hostel World: Hostels are the best! Cheap, free breakfast, instant friends, party atmosphere, if you so choose. What isn’t there to like? The cheapest hostel I have ever found was for $6 in Cuzco, Peru. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom not so much. While Hostel World has tons of reviews, I will still try and verify them on TA as well when I can. If not, I treat their reviews like I do with TA: quantity, quality, and comparison.
  5.… Booking.Yeah!: Number one reason why I love Free cancellation! They have more options for free cancellation than any other site I know. And with my spontaneous travel schedule, they give me a safety net in case something cheaper does not come along.


So there you have it. My non-exhaustive, very spontaneous list of my Top Five Travel apps. So I now realise that Costco Travel is not an app, but it deserves to be up there, so it stays. My list, my rules! What are your favourite apps?