Lemons, Lemonade and a trip to the Motherland

Bee: If I am being completely honest, 2017 started off shitty. I went on involuntary furlough, separated from my business partner and decided not to have the birthday shindig I’d been planning for over a year! Yup, it was that bad, but because I am learning to make lemonade whenever life hands me lemons, I went ahead and booked myself a trip to Cameroon… Read More

+ Southwest architecture

Breaking Bad in Albuquerque

  I remember when the ads for a new show called Breaking Bad on AMC first appeared on my TV about a chemistry teacher… and with that, I quickly lost interest. Ironically, my sister has a Master’s in Chemistry, however, Chemistry and I do not get along and so I figured I would not be interested in it. Years later, it kept coming up… Read More

+ Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

How I ended up at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

  “It has never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so wonderful must have been gazed upon by angels in flight.” Thus spoke Dr. David Livingstone, the first European to visit Mosi-oa-Tunya, which he named Victoria Falls. I cannot help but agree with him as setting eyes on the falls – Mosi-oa-Tunya that means the smoke that thunders is a breathtaking experience…. Read More


How to fly to Cuba

  The first couple of times I visited Cuba, I was unable to fly directly as there were no direct flights to this beautiful country from the US. Starting in December 2016, several US-based airlines began service to Cuba eliminating the need for the previous convoluted route some of us had to take. Even more exciting, it won’t take you a lot of money… Read More


How to fly with kids.

  by Bee My daughter got on her first flight at the tender age of 5 months. To be honest, beyond the endless hours I spent researching flying with babies and panicking about all the things that could go wrong, it was a pretty uneventful trip. A one hour flight, I nursed her at takeoff, she passed out soon after and woke up after… Read More


The Good, The Bad, WTF 2016

When asked about my worst travel experiences, I find it a very hard question to answer. Because I love traveling so much, I tend to reimagine negative experiences as blimps on the landscape photo of my travel. Adventurous Kate, one of my favourite bloggers does lists at the end of each year, so I decided to try and come up with one. And since… Read More


What’s in my bag?

When I initially started traveling as an adult, I would pack everything but the kitchen sink. Once, on one of my frequent trips to London, I took a duffel bag filled with shoes in their boxes. 7 pairs of them! In all, I had a total of about 6 pieces of luggage. Picture me lugging all that crap through the Underground from train to… Read More


Time for another spontaneous post. For the last 2 years or so, I have embodied spontaneous travel to its core! My mantra was Just Do It. In the summer of 2015, I visited 8 countries in 8 weekends. I showed up in Chile to snowboard in the summer and stumbled upon the Copa finals. I spent my first night in the streets celebrating with… Read More


Friday 5ive: Travel Apps

About a week ago, my sister suggested I start doing a Friday 5ive: a top five list of my recommendations. When we had the conversation, I told her I loved the idea and I had the perfect article for it! All week, I have rested, well assured my article was already written. Today, I go to pull up the article and would you know,… Read More

+ Classic cars in Havana

The culmination of my quest to conquer Cuba

  For most of my life, Cuba has been a hidden travel gem. That place you heard so much about but were forbidden to visit. About 4 years ago, I started hearing about people who were taking convoluted routes to make it to Cuba. While still illegal, it was like the El Dorado for an avid traveler – absolutely worth the risk. However, I… Read More