How to fly with kids.

  by Bee My daughter got on her first flight at the tender age of 5 months. To be honest, beyond the endless hours I spent researching flying with babies and panicking about all the things that could go wrong, it was a pretty uneventful trip. A one hour flight, I nursed her at takeoff, she passed out soon after and woke up after… Read More

+ $2 weaves on a table

$2 Weaves on Flashback Friday at Afrofest Toronto

  Leo: Technically, we drove to Toronto on Friday and saw $2 weaves at Afrofest on Saturday. However, we are publishing this on a Friday, hence the use of Flashback Friday. Hey! I think it makes for a catchy title. Think you can do better? Let me know! Take it away Bee!   Bee: When I go to sleep in a new city I… Read More


Toronto, Canada

  Bee:“How long were you guys in Canada for?” The border patrol agent asked my sister at the Lewinston-Queenston checkpoint. “Two days” she responded. “Two days?!?! Why were you there for just 2 days?” he asked. I can bet you my entire savings account that he had no idea what was coming next, but then again he’s never met the force of terror that… Read More


24 hours in Nassau, Bahamas

Contributed by Bee Lola What do you do when you miss your Friday afternoon flight to Haiti because you and your squad were late? You could catch the next flight to Nassau for 24 hours of fun, sun, and sand. No? Too much? I thought so too, but that’s exactly what my mom, sister, the little one and I did back in April. Turns… Read More


Black in Punta Cana, DR

Contributed by Bee Lola For the last several years, more like a decade really, I have lived vicariously through my sister, Leo. Through her, I have seen places and people so beautiful that I have questioned my existence, and this passport I carry which does not seem worth much as far as seeing the world is concerned. Okay, my passport woes are not the… Read More